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Das ist mal ne coole Fotoserie:
Verschiedene Schauspieler werden dazu aufgefordet, drei verschiedene, skurrile Szenen darzustellen, und dabei fotographiert.
Im Falle von Jeff Goldblum (was ist aus dem eigentlich geworden?) sieht das dann so aus:


Left: You’re the surly 14-year-old son of a single mother, steeling yourself as she awkwardly, haltingly begins a belated and unnecessary “birds and bees” talk. Center: You’re at your daughter’s college graduation, and the pretty classmate of hers that you’ve been secretly ogling has just said, “Mr. Lefkowitz, you can’t be 58—you’re too cool!” Right: You’re the valedictorian of your high-school class, having just been introduced to give the speech of your young life—and your mind has gone completely blank.

Auch sehr cool sind Laurence Fishburn und John Malkovich.
Mehr dazu auf vanityfair!
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  1. Schauspieler-Portraits in Szenerierollen [LangweileDich.net] am 26. Februar 2011 um 17:42

    [...] Left: You’re a man whose daughter has been missing for two months. You’ve been called in by the police to identify the body of a young murder victim. The sheet is pulled back … and the victim isn’t your daughter. Center: You’re a boy at a freakish carnival, watching a pierced performer munch live cockroaches. Right: You’re a 14-year-old girl who’s just opened her 18-year-old sister’s bedroom door to find her having sex with her boyfriend. (via: .musslautsein) [...]

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